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Ashitaba belongs to the genus family, Angelica Senesis, an Asian herb that possesses regenerative properties providing tons of health benefits. The active ingredient of Ashitaba includes chalcones that have antioxidant properties exceeding the antioxidant levels of green tea, red wine, or soy. This plant is truly remarkable because it contains eleven vitamins, chlorophyll, thirteen minerals, beta-carotene, enzymes, proteins, saponins, plant fibers, proteins, coumarins, glycosides, and chalcones. The "Green Blood" description of Ashitaba is owed to its high chlorophyll content and its similarity to human blood's molecular structure. 


Ashitaba is also considered a natural organic germanium that is responsible in purifying blood by removing harmful hydrogen ions, increasing oxygen levels, making blood pH less acidic, and replacing blood cells with healthier and newer blood components. Tomorrow's leaf also has active phenolic compounds that act as anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor, anticancer, antibacterial and detoxifying agent. One study is shown in Japan that Ashitaba enhances the production of NGF or nerve growth factor that helps in the proper synthesis and functioning of the peripheral and central nervous systems. All of these nutrients and chemical are linked to alternative treatment or prevent further deterioration of cancer, Parkinson's disease, asthma, gastrointestinal problems, anemia, infections, skin diseases, and hypertension. 


In fact, the people with the longest life expectancy here on earth live in Hachijo Japan, where the majority of its local residents consume Ashitaba as part of their diet. The locals call it as "longevity herb" because of its great nutritional value and health benefits of ashitaba. Tomorrow's Leaf may also help in promoting proper blood circulation, proper blood cleansing, reducing blood pressure, regulating cholesterol level, maintaining normal sugar level, reducing muscular and joint pains, enhancing kidney and liver function, antiviral and antibacterial properties, suppressing cell growth abnormalities, removing toxic wastes, improving visual acuity, relieving pre-menopausal symptoms, anti-aging properties and promoting natural sleep cycles. Make a good practice of drinking Ashitaba tea at least twice a day for optimum health.


Shitaba is widely used in manufacturing medicine and food supplements because of its wonderful health or medical benefits. If you are interested in purchasing ashitaba tea or just simply want to know more about this plant, you may visit our website or homepage for more information. With Ashitaba tea, you can gain all of these health benefits for a longer and healthier life! Don't hesitate and try Ashitaba tea as a part of your diet. It is a great way to be healthy and live longer!


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Chances are you may have heard a lot about the great ashitaba benefits. It is a plant that has been known in Japan since ancient times. The plant is widely found in other areas of the world such as Thailand, Indonesia, US, China and the Philippines. Due to the number of benefits, this plant is surely going to make huge waves in the health and wellness industry. 


This plant has been known to grow in the humid coastal areas of Japan. It has been a part of Japanese diet since antiquity. It is used as a tea or the leaves are used as part of the food. Some use it for the purification of blood. Despite the ashitaba being an incredible health food, most people in the world today may not have heard much about it. It is time to educate the people about this wonder plant and what it can do to help people with health issue as they find ways to end their struggles. 


More scientists and researchers are now peering into ashitaba, and what ashitaba health benefits can be experienced by avid users. So far, what they have discovered is nothing short of fantastic. They have been investing money and time to find out what this plant can do and the benefits of ashitaba as a traditional Japanese medicine set to put modern medicine ablaze in the 21st century. 


One of the biggest assets of the ashitaba plant is having a powerful anti-oxidant. Health can get a great boost with the help of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help people to get over oxidative stress brought about by free radicals. With the help of anti-oxidants, people will stop the destruction of cells, reduce inflammation as a result of chronic diseases and to better fight off contagions with an improved immune system. Excessive amount of anecdotal evidence could no longer be ignored. It is time for the science to validate the number of anecdotal evidence to once and for all find out what ashitaba can bring to the table. 


Good news is that ashitaba can also help people shield the DNA. In fact, it has been shown protecting the DNA may lead to lower risk of cancer and diabetes. 


To gain better memory, ashitaba can help by increasing the levels of nerve growth factor. It may help lower the risks of age-related memory loss such as Parkinson's Disease.


It is best to explore what ashitaba can help you so that you will be able to gain better vitality and health.


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Ashitaba is a huge herb that grows mainly in the central region of some countries in Asia. Its leaf, root, and stem are exploited to make medicine. Therefore, it suggests that Ashitaba has quite a lot of benefits. The benefits can include the following, slow aging, aid brain function, increase metabolism, prevent and cure stomach issues, prevent and treat diabetes, detoxify the blood, improve the central nervous system, support cardiovascular health, help to avoid cancer and lastly, they aid in supercharging an individual immune system.


Ashitaba holds high levels of antioxidants, which fight cell harming free radicals. Free radicals are unbalanced molecules formed through the body's utilization of oxygen. They deteriorate cell walls, upsetting living cells. Antioxidants shield cells by immobilizing free radicals hence eating a diet high in antioxidants is hence connected with slowing the aging process since it allows the skin to restore new cells. Free radicals are as well associated with causing cancer.


Ashitaba's antioxidant possessions have been shown to display the anti-cancer outcome. They have the extraordinary capability to restrain cell enlargement abnormalities. Frequently consumption ashitaba has a vast outcome on someone immune system thus it serves as an anti-inflammatory. Anti-inflammatories prevent infections for instance arthritis and reducing joint and muscular soreness. It is also extremely antibacterial with the capacity to speed up wound healing and prevent contagion. The juice of the plant might be directly applied to a cut. Various benefits of ashitaba await you such as it is outstanding at treating flu and cold symptoms because of these properties. 


Consumption of ashitaba offers users many benefits of ashitab tea and other products like it stimulates the manufacturing of nerve growth factor because of its elevated levels of B12 vitamins. The nerve growth factor is important for the endurance and maintenance of sensory and sympathetic neurons. The chalcones found in ashitaba have the unbelievable capability to reduce and control blood pressure. It is an antithrombotic, preventing agonizing and hazardous blood clots. Potassium, found in ashitaba, as well assists heart muscle task accordingly. Ashitaba can boost bad cholesterol and reduce triglycerides and awful cholesterol. Managing individual cholesterol decreases their risk for heart attack, heart disease, and stroke.


Ashitaba put off and fight anemia with its high intensity of calcium, iron, and potassium. Facilitates the blood to discharge harmful toxins, as well as, helping in red blood cell and hemoglobin formation. Besides, chalcones control glucose levels. Ashitaba permits diabetes fatalities to decrease insulin utilized by preventing blood sugar spikes. Besides, it boosts insulin sensitivity. It stabilizes and lowers blood sugar levels. Also, it lessens blood pressure and improves liver and kidney functions. Ashitaba increases energy and arouses the metabolism, assisting greatly in shading off some weight. In combination with a proper diet and customary exercise, ashitaba might be helpful at getting rid of intemperance weight.


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